Funeral Services

        Funeral services are planned with our minister or a Worship Committee representative if the minister is away. The services are to be conducted in the sanctuary. The minister will work with the family of the deceased to receive their input on hymns, readings or speakers at the funeral. If a guest minister is desired, you may request this through our minster. We will also provide the service of our church organist. A guest organist may be requested in cooperation with our church organist. Our choir will also be present to assist in this service when they are available.




        Memorial services are planned with and conducted by our minister. As with funerals, the minister will work with the family of the deceased in order to facilitate their choices re music, readings and speakers. When music is desired we will provide our church organist and choir (when available). Memorial services are normally held in the sanctuary.


Emmanuel United Church benefits from monetary donations in memory of family or friends. Traditionally such donations go to the Memorial Fund; however, you can select other options reflecting priority interests within the church held by the donor or the person recognized. Generally there are four venues for such donations.


Memorial Fund:

The fund is earmarked for the worship of God and the beautification of the sanctuary as identified by the Worship and Praise Committee. At the beginning of 2013 there was approximately $5200 in the fund with $845 committed to improvements to the sound system.

General Fund:

        The General Fund covers ongoing ministerial program and building costs. A self-administered reserve is available for lean periods and a small amount is maintained as a "replacement reserve". Expenditures are projected to exceed revenues by $12,400 in 2013 and the replacement reserve is substantially committed for handicap access.

Mission and Service Fund:

        Mission and Service donations go to United Church Canada to sustain its operation and to support its national and international programs. The objective for 2013 is to provide $8000 to the United Church of Canada through Mission &Service donations.

Mortgage Fund:

        Emmanuel is committed to $7200 per year in payments towards the cost of building the church. At the beginning of 2013 the outstanding loan was $60,600.

        Supplementary offering envelopes are available to assist in directing donations to the donor's preference. Place the donation in the envelope, note the Fund supported and provide your name and address if it is not on a cheque. Regular contributors can simply circle whether you are on PAR or use envelopes and provide your number or name. Supplementary offering envelopes can also be used to donate to initiatives supported by Emmanuel United Church or United Church of Canada, Emmanuel's UCW or West Ferris Community Brunch, UCC's Disaster Relief or Manitou Conference (Camp Lorrain) are examples of such initiatives.



        Your family may wish to have a reception after the funeral service or memorial service. Receptions take place in the church hall unless that space cannot be made available. Refreshments are provide by the UCW with a small fee to cover costs. Note that at this time our volunteers are not able to cater at other settings than the church. We will need you to commit to the number to attend at your earliest possible convenience and then pay for that number regardless of attendance.



        Most families value a visitation time for loved ones and friends on the day or two before the funeral service. Due to our current space usage we cannot provide this service at the church other than on the day of the funeral. However, your funeral home of choice will provide this service for you.


        When the interment (burial) cannot occur at the time of the funeral service, perhaps due to the season, our minister is normally available to attend the interment later on (usually in the Spring). Because the committal will have already occurred at the time of the funeral, the interment service is simply an appropriate scripture reading and prayer. The family needs to request this service according to their needs.

For further information or pastoral services, please call (705) 472-1806 (office).