Ministry And Personnel



The Ministry & Personnel Committee is a confidential, consultative body that supports the pastoral charge. From time to time there may be issues that need to be brought to the attention of the Ministry & Personnel Committee for resolution.

Examples of issues that are dealt with by the Ministry & Personnel Committee include:

·      an action or behavior that a congregation member would like to have brought to the attention of a paid accountable staff member;

·      any conflict situation involving a paid accountable staff member where it would be helpful to have a third party to resolve the situation; and

·      issues that may arise between paid accountable staff members.

Procedure for contacting the Ministry & Personnel Committee:

·      The Ministry & Personnel Committee meets on a regular basis.

·      You are encouraged to call any member of the Ministry & Personnel Committee and the issue will be dealt with at the next meeting of the Committee.

·      Members of the Ministry & Personnel Committee are: Steve Page, Chair; Michael Guy; David Robinson.

What you can expect from the Ministry & Personnel Committee:

·      confidentiality;

·      compassion;

·      the Committee will gather information and deliberate any issue brought to their attention and take appropriate action; and

·      feedback will be given to you, if requested.