Pastoral Services

        Parents who desire to have their children baptized are asked to call the Parish office, (705) 472-1806 and to set up an appointment.
Holy Communion    
        We invite all to celebrate the Communion with us.
        Please call the Parish Office, (705) 472-1806, to arrange for a home visit for those unable to attend Mass due to ill health or being a shut-in. 
        Arrangements should be made at least six months in advance to schedule a prenuptial interview. Please call the parish office, (705) 472-1806.
        In your time of grief,  we would like to be supportive to you, your family and your friends. In that spirit, the congregation of Emmanuel United Church would like to offer you the following services. Please call the parish office, (705) 472-1806.
Visiting the Sick
        Please advise the Parish Office,  (705) 472-1806, when you know of a Parishioner that has become hospitalized, is sick or a shut-in and is in need of a visit.