West Ferris Community Brunch

The West Ferris Community Brunch has been serving the North Bay community with a breakfast twice a month since June 6, 1996!!  We are celebrating 20 years of service this year!

When we started this initiative there were five churches involved. We now have four -- Church of Christ, Holy Name of Jesus Roman Catholic Church, St. John’s Anglican Church and Emmanuel United Church.  The financial support of this program is from these churches as well as generous support from other individuals.

Our expenses this past year have totaled just over $3,000.00.  We receive three dozen muffins from The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie at the Motherhouse for each Brunch served at Emmanuel Church and St. John’s Church monthly with the exception of July and August when our loyal volunteers take a vacation break. Congregants provide groceries which are handed out to folks at Emmanuel’s brunches.  Donations are most appreciated.

We are a caring ecumenical outreach community of volunteers that recognizes the dignity of every person and welcomes everyone with respect for their beliefs and needs.

We provide to any participants a hot meal, friendly support, referral information and other assistance.

Our goal is to make contact with those in need and then invite their involvement in the program.  We also promote the socialization of the participants, and make sure all participants have a good breakfast and a welcoming environment in which to eat it in.

From September, 2015 through  June, 2016, an average of 1,153 recipients utilized this program twice a month  - St. John’s Anglican Church the 2nd Saturday of the month and Emmanuel United Church every 4th Saturday of the month,  generally.  There is a roster of about 40 volunteers from the four churches. Other than a shared brunch at the end of the day, volunteers ask for and receive nothing more than our appreciation. All proceeds go back into the brunch to pay for what has been an increasing demand for food.

Mary McLaren-Soutar is Brunch Coordinator and Treasurer. We are happy to recognize three very dedicated hard workers – the Church Kitchen Conveners – Doreen McLuhan at Emmanuel United Church and Barb Johnson and Pam Handley share the responsibility at St. John’s Anglican Church.  Our secretary is Barb Johnson.

We hope that the Brunch will continue to serve the North Bay community for many more years.

Please contact Doreen McLuhan at 705-476-0051 or Mary McLaren-Soutar at 705-495-6147 if you know anyone who might be interested in being a volunteer.

October, 2016





Enjoy a Free Meal &

a Place to Meet Your Friends &

Bring Your Children To:



 301 Main Street, East                      395 Lakeshore Drive

        (2nd) Saturday each month    (4th) Saturday each month (generally)

      9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.                   9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.


From September through June



Celebrating 20 years in Community Service!!!

Supported by Congregations of the Church of Christ, Holy Name of Jesus Roman Catholic, Emmanuel United, St. John’s Anglican Churches and The Sisters of Saint Joseph, Sault Ste. Marie at the Motherhouse and recently on board, “Feed North Bay”.


Experience friendliness and caring volunteers from these churches and other supportive volunteers within our community.


Donations are most appreciated.