Worship Committee


The Worship Committee focuses on the spiritual and physical aspects of the Church sanctuary and Chapel. This Committee led by the Reverend (none at the moment) and assisted by our Music Director John Henderson and Secretary Laura Martin do all the preparation for the Sunday morning worship. Rev. (none at the moment) preaches on current topics and includes current community and worldly concerns, as well as the HOPE for everyone, and HOPE for all future endeavours of the Church.

Our Church loves to sing!!! The hymn selections by Rev. (none at the moment) and John Henderson are very uplifting and lively each Sunday, and which is also shown by our pre-church sing-a-long, done on a regular basis. The recent use of an overhead projection camera and screen has done much to enhance this great singing. This projection is also used throughout the service, with the exception of the sermon.

Another feature of our church and sanctuary is its accessibility for wheelchairs and motorized carts. We also have hearing assistance and large print More Voices hymn books.

Our committee meets once a month and does the future planning for ushers, scripture readers, communion preparation, special music guests, church decorations, greeters.

The Committee members are: Rev. (none at the moment), John Henderson, Jack Page, Ruth Duval, Bernice Workman, Tony Loeffen, Mary Way-White, Milly Rogerson.